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Visiting the US Ambassador

With the organization and support of The US Embassy' National Spelling Contest in English - NESC-GE is held annually.

This year the contest was held for the fourth time. Traditionally, a Georgian-American high school student has always been among the finalists.

This year, our student Ana Osiashvili became the winner in the category of X-XII grade students. Elene Jishkariani, a VIII grade student of the Georgian-American School, also repeated her success and became a finalist in the VIII-X grade category herself.

The U.S. Ambassador, Mr. Ian Kelly, and his wife, Ms. Francesca, invited school principals Mr. Mamuka Meskhishvili and Ms. Irma Meskhishvili to their residences with the winning students. They generously entertained the guests and awarded the winning students with certificates and gifts..


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