Visit of DAAD program representatives.

Getting higher education in Germany has become a guaranty of a successful career not only in Georgia but worldwide. On May 4th the representatives of the German Academy Service, Dr. Martin Praxentaler and Dr. Nino Antadze, visited Georgian-American High School. Our school was also visited by Mrs. Lika Edzgveradze, the representative of “ Bridge to Education’’. They informed our students about continuing studies in Germany, they also talked about getting financial assistance in Germany and the DAAD scholarship program. Our students meeting with DAAD scholarship representatives is becoming traditional. Annually, our students will get the list of German Universities, that are interested of accepting Geo

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Traditional result! As in previous years, in 2019 all of our 12th graders became students. Out of 48 students who passed the national exams, 33 students won grants. Congratulations to our graduates on