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Science High School
Our students participate in many international conferences and exhibitions throughout the year.

Their goal is:

  1. Development of modern, 21st century adaptive research skills in young scientists
  2. Discussion-sharing of theoretical and practical knowledge
  3. Develop the skills to independently research and present and defend the results obtained

Our students have the skills to prepare for science, participate in it and then go public. Solving various scientific problems  In the process of (solving) demonstrate research skills, which is manifested in the development of relevant theory, planning and implementation of the experiment,  In accounting and analysis of data, drawing conclusions, presenting their own versions convincingly and defending the sectoral issue in the process of scientific discussion.
Project preparation and design is quite time consuming, therefore   Students receive credits that are exclusive to our school and are divided into the following disciplines:
Freshmen Project,   Sophomore project,  Junior Research,  Senior Research.
In each of these disciplines the student is awarded 0.4 credits, which further significantly improves the student’s GPA.

At the beginning of the year, our teachers present the scientific material on which students will develop topics and projects.
Here is  math reference material:



Gold Medal Awarded Projects

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