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FCE Exams - 2018

Georgian-American High School XII grade students take the Cambridge University FCE (First Certificate in English) exam every year. The FCE is an internationally recognized certificate used for both employment and study, as well as for continuing study at colleges or universities abroad.

Twenty-one students from our school passed the FCE exam this year, most of whom earned the highest grade - C1. These students are:

Ana Otinashvili, Irakli Begoidze, Giorgi Mzhavanadze, Tina Kamkamidze, Dachi Vadachkoria, Giorgi Janvarashvili, Archil Gelenava, Gigi Nebieridze, Ana Gerliani, Archil Shermadini, Ketevan Tkeshelashvili, Giorgi Tabagua, Anano Ghibradze, Mariam Davit Chreghadze , Dachi Rukhaia, Mamuka Kobakhidze, Saba Razmadze, Archil Mamukashvili.

The B2 (upper-intermediate) level certificate certifies that the candidate can be an independent speaker, figure out difficult and unusual situations, and work in an English-speaking environment.

The holder of a B2 level certificate is exempted from English language lectures in Georgian higher education institutions. Moreover, they are considered to have passed the English language entrance exam for the master's degree.

Level C1 (advanced) is the highest level of FCE examination, which confirms that the candidate's English level corresponds to the level of knowledge of a professional business person and he / she can communicate confidently in professional and top-level scientific situations.

C1 Certificate holders can teach and work in an English-speaking environment. Relevant certificate level in Georgia is required for doctoral students.

One of the great advantages of the FCE exam over other similar exams is that its certification is timeless.

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