Final exams 2018

Final exams are held in 11th and 12th grades. 11th graders take the exams at the end of the year in the subjects that they have finished (physics, chemistry, biology, geography). As for the rest of the four subjects (mathematics, Georgian language and literature, foreign languages, history) they will pass them when they leave school. All these eight exams are computer-based. These computer-based tests are created by the National examination center and they are delivered to all the schools through the Internet. This year Georgian-American High School had 54 entrants. Our entrants had excellent results again. The results according to the subjects are: Georgian language and literature – 8.89 English language – 9.46 History – 8.22 Mathematics – 8.94 The best results according to all four subjects had: The ones who got 10 points are: · Sikharulidze Nino four 10s · Bukhaidze Ketevan three 10s · Vardosanidze Mariami three 10s · Vartazarovi Ana three 10s · Kalatozishvili Nikolozi two 10s · Begashvili Ekaterine two 10s · Budaghashvili Lizi two 10s · Razmadze Luka two 10s · Tripathi Nikita two 10s · Kerdikoshvili Nino two 10s · Ghviniashvili Tornike two 10s · Khetsuriani Ketevani two 10s · Abesadze Giorgi · Avalishvili Zurabi · Arakhamia Ana · Beruashvili Ana · Geliashvili Saba · Gorgodze Davit · Dvalidze Teona · Murghulia Zurabi · Nersezashvili Nata · Zhamerashvili Mariami · Rokhvadze Ana · Tughushi Giorgi · Kartlelishvili ketevan · Shevarzashvili Luka · Zarkua Giorgi · Laghadze Tinatin · Lelashvili Gega · Losaberidze Ivane · Menabdishvili Nino · Chakhnashvili Ketevan · Chitorelidze Monika · Tskvitishvili Niko · Cheishvili Natia · Zaalishvili Aleksandre

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